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The relaxometer

RelaxometerSit comfortably in your chair and begin to relax. Take a deep breath in and, as you breathe out, release any tension from your body. Repeat, and on each out breath feel any tension, stress and hassle leave your whole body. Any tension trapped in your shoulders, neck or anywhere else just melts away, gone, leaving you relaxing more and more. Now think of a place you enjoy relaxing: in bed, on a beach or in a favourite place you like to be.

Now slightly defocus your eyes and really imagine being there now. See what you can see and hear what you can hear as you remember your special place, as you continue to relax more and more, all the way down, feeling lighter as you drift further and further. See, hear and feel what it’s like, relaxing in the place you are, as you relax so deeply that all the tension has completely dissolved away, gone, vanished, leaving you feeling so clean and fresh, ready for the good feelings, ready to make the most of all the positive things that you can experience and enjoy more because when you are really relaxed you can easily choose to face in a positive direction, looking towards all the positive dreams, hopes, moods and experiences you can have. And they are all there for you.

When you relax, you face in a positive direction. Notice how good this feels because this is the direction in which you are and you become your best, the direction in which you achieve everything you want from life: happiness, health and love.

The inevitable frustrations of life won’t knock you off course – in fact, they will only strengthen your inner resolve towards your best future.

Now, as you absorb all this new information so that it becomes part of your thinking, you can begin to come back from the relaxation you’ve enjoyed, come back to being alert and awake, refreshed and ready to remember the eyes-opening experience you’ve enjoyed. As you fully bring your conscious attention back into this place, have a little stretch and feel good, remembering how good it is to relax and learn more about yourself.

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