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Time Travel

Empty StarImagine you are going to attend a school reunion in five years’ time. If you’d rather choose a youth club, family or other get-together, that’s fine. Write down the date exactly five years from now in the star below. Imagine yourself five years from now. Imagine the five years have gone really well – the best they could possibly be. Write down in the star what has happened to you. What have you achieved? How do you look? What are you wearing? How do you feel? What work are you doing? Where do you live? What are the best things you could hear people say about you? Take at least five minutes. Let your imagination run wild! Read the list. How good does it feel to have achieved these things? What are the three most important things?


Rewrite these on a small piece of card or paper inside a star shape, dated five years from today. Keep the list somewhere safe. Remember the three things and promise yourself you will move towards them. If your list doesn’t excite you and make you feel really good, try it again – dream bigger dreams!

Alyson's Star

Alyson recently imagined her future. She hadn’t thought about it before. Her dream is to be a hairdresser to the stars. When she wrote it down she felt really good and excited. So good she wanted to make sure it happened. She started to think about small practical things she could do to move towards her dream. Her attendance at school improved. She has fixed up a Saturday job in a trendy hairdressing salon.

What future would you like?

Fun Game –make your future into a song, choose a style; rap, rock, heavy, pop. Verse 1 should be about you now, verses 2 and 3 you 5 years later having achieved your dreams, use the advice (step 4) to make your chorus.

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