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The Learning State

Sometimes we learn really well. At other times things seem to fly in one ear and out of the other. Would you like to be able to learn really well when you want to? The learning state can help you remember twice as much as you do normally.
Luckily, it is quite easy to get into the learning state.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the room in which you’ll be learning. Look around it
    and notice a few details – colours, shapes, objects.
  2. Look at a small object directly in front of you. It could be something on a wall, the back of a chair, anything fairly small towards which you can direct your
  3. Now, without moving your eyes, become aware of your peripheral vision. Notice things at the corner of your eyes without shifting your gaze. Slowly start to
    imagine and see things that are at your side, by your ears, as you stay focused
    on the object/thing in front of you.
  4. Now imagine pulling your awareness right round and behind – see behind you in your mind’s eye. You may imagine stepping out of your body and being able to see the whole room. Remember the object and detail you saw at the beginning.

You are now in the learning state. Your awareness is heightened. This can be a useful technique to ‘anchor’ and to use during exams, revision and lessons you’d particularly like to remember. Beware: your performance can dramatically improve if you use this technique. Try it only if you’re prepared for better performance!

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