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Chocolate Voice

Our voice is the main way we interact with the world around us. We all have two natural voices. We have a squeaky, higher-pitched voice that seems to come from our throat or nose, which projects lies, nerves or lack of confidence. We also have a deeper, calmer voice that seems to start in our stomach and projects confidence, assurance, authority and wisdom. Which voice do you think is the more useful?

To develop your chocolate voice, first imagine the taste of chocolate in your mouth (or something else nice if you don’t like chocolate). Then take a deep breath, hold it for a second, then breathe out slowly and calmly from your stomach and make an ‘mmmm’ sound as you taste the chocolate. When you’re doing it well you’ll notice a vibrating quality to the sound that makes you feel good.

Use your chocolate voice when you need to be confident and you’ll notice people taking more notice of you!

Guess which of these people were voted Best Voice by a group of 80 teenagers I was working with last year: Davina McCall, Jade Goody (Big Brother), George Clooney and David Beckham.

Answer: the first man and woman named were voted Best Voice.


Chocolate makes us feel good because it encourages the release of serotonin in the brain – a chemical that makes us feel good. Research has shown that we can increase the release of serotonin just by thinking of happy memories! Try it now. Mmm. Ooh! The reverse is also true. Thinking of bad things can make us ill. Remember: chewing tin foil or swallowing chocolate.
It is your choice.

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