The Buzz
A practical confidence builder for teenagers.

John is an experienced skydiver. Eighteen months ago he jumped out of a plane. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Sky DiverHe pulled the cord to release his parachute and it didn’t work. ‘Not to worry,’ he thought, ‘I’ll pull the cord for my spare’ . It didn’t work. It is very rare for both parachutes to fail. The result is usually death, painful but quick. John thought he had about thirty seconds left of life. His final thought would be, ‘I wish I’d done more with my life.’ This is common.

Luckily, John landed in soft snow and survived. This is rare. He spent a year in hospital recovering from his injuries. He then saw me, a careers adviser, because he wanted to make something of himself, to use his potential, not waste his life. John said that as he fell, certain he would die, he marked his life on a scale of 0 to 10. He was disappointed because he gave himself a 6. He wished he’d done more with the skills and strengths he has.

If you were to mark your life out of 10, what score would you give yourself?

A 10 means you’ve fully used all the potential, opportunities and skills you have. Zero means you’ve completely wasted your life so far. John was one of the first to use The Buzz to help him achieve his best. Since John, thousands of others have joined him.

10:   I’ve fully lived my life to my true potential.
8–9: I’ve mostly made the most of my skills and strengths.
6–7: I’m doing OK, but …
3–5: I’ve probably wasted a lot of the opportunities I’ve had.
0–2: Oh, dear!

John gives two bits of advice to people – use The Buzz, and check your parachutes carefully before you jump.


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